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Club Soccer FAQS

Club Soccer FAQS

What is Club Soccer?

Club soccer is the next step up from Rec soccer. The Club teams play in both the State league and weekend tournaments in both Arizona and outside Arizona if the team chooses to travel out of State.

What are the age groups for Club Soccer?

Club soccer teams are based on the birth year of the player. For example, if your son or daughter was born in March of 2008, they would tryout out for the 2008 boys or girls team. Players must tryout for their own age group. Players can not tryout for different age groups even if their friends are a different birth year.

When are tryouts for Club Teams?

Club tryouts are at the end of April and early May each year. Tryouts can be held during the season if a team has an open roster spot. To contact the club coach in your birth year please click here.

When are practices and games?

Club teams practice a minimum of 2 days a week with games on the weekends. League play is on Saturdays throughout the Valley and tournament games can be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

My Son/Daughter plays other sports or does other activities, can they still play Club Soccer?

Yes, to a point. Club level soccer is a much more intense soccer experience from rec soccer. Club coaches expect players to be at both practices a week and available for games on the weekends. Coaches will work around players schedules, but players can be removed from the team if participation becomes an issue and affects the team.

What are the Club fees and what does my fee include?

The fee for MFC Club Soccer is $375 for the season plus the uniform cost. Players will need to purchase their uniform kits from the preferred MFC supplier. The typical cost for a uniform kit is $125 -$150. Other costs are tournament fees. These fees vary based on the tournament and the number of players per team. The coach will pick the tournament schedule for the season. Tournament fees range from $40-$75 per tournament per player. Each team usually plays between 6-8 tournaments between the August-April season. There may be additional team fees if outside sessions with a skills or fitness coach are added by the Club team coach as well.

Are Club teams co-ed?

No. The MFC has both boys and girls club teams. For a complete list of club teams and coaches  please click here.

Can I choose my son/daughters’ coach?

No. Club coaches are placed after tryouts and depending on the team the coach’s son/daughter makes. All players must go through tryouts to be placed onto a team. Players will also not be placed on a team based on players carpooling, practice availability, etc..

Can I coach my son/daughters’ team?

Yes, the MFC is always looking for volunteer coaches committed to coaching Club soccer. For the 2022-2023 season, coaches’ applications are being accepted through April 15th. To apply to coach a club team, please email Jim Carmody at

If you have additional questions, please contact the Madison Futbol Club  at