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Club Coaches

Club Coaches

Shawn Grunewald

2001 Boys

Shawn Grunewald is coaching the 2001/2002 boys MFC team.  Shawn has been playing and coaching soccer for the past 40+ years and currently holds his “E” coaching license.  He focuses on player development through situational awareness in both player positioning and individual ball handling skills.  Shawn has been member of the MFC board since 2010 and is currently the President. During his free time he enjoys playing soccer, skiing and spending time with his wife Jennifer and son Jake.

Marla Hudgens

2007 Girls

Marla Hudgens has been a coach for the Madison Futbol Club for the past 3 years. She has coached both boys and girl’s teams in the competitive Club program and is the current coach of the MFC 07 Girls and the MFC 04 Girls teams. As a classic attacking central midfielder, Marla’s coaching focuses on possession of the ball above all else, balance, and quick transitions to goal. When not coaching, Marla enjoys spending time with her husband Jasen and their three dogs. She also plays soccer indoors and outdoors in Phoenix and in tournaments across the west coast with some of her closest friends.

Jeremy Van Buren

2004/2005 Girls, 2009 Boys Gold

Jeremy Van Buren coaches the 05 girls and 09 boys.  "JVB" has been with club and since 2011 and has been on the Board of Directors since 2015.  His current title is Director of Club Coaches.  He currently holds a US soccer E license. 

Casey Fromm

2006/2005 Girls

Casey Fromm coaches the 05 Girls and in the U6 Rec division.  He is a Phoenix native and grew up playing soccer for the West Town Soccer Club and continued playing competitive for another 15 years.  Once his children were old enough to play he began his volunteer coaching career and has been coaching since 2010.  His wife will tell you he and his four kids are either practicing soccer, playing soccer or watching soccer. 

Francisco Reyna

2005 Boys

Francisco Reyna is coaching the MFC 05 boys team. He has been with Madison Futbol club for 5 years and has coached several age groups from little kickers to U14. He earned his United States Soccer Federation National B license in 1996. He is currently also coaching his grandniece's team in the MFC U10 rec division. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends camping or off roading.

Nick Udall

2006 Boys Gold

Nick Udall has been a coach with the Madison Futbol club since 2009 in both Rec and Club. He is currently the coach of the boys MFC 06 Gold Cheetah team and was the 04 MFC Gold Lady Cheetahs coach now as is an assistant for them. He also has his “F” license. Nick is 6 generation native from Phoenix Arizona and loves it here. Including coaching soccer, he has Club experienced with Club Softball and baseball where he assisted getting two Club teams going in the central Phx area. When not coaching he loves spending time with family and playing sports.

Brandon Clarke

2004/2005 Girls, 2006 Boys Blue

Brandon grew up in North Phoenix playing soccer and basketball and began coaching at the age of 19 for his younger brother's middle school football and basketball teams.  In 2007 he began coaching his kids in soccer, t-ball, basketball, and football at the local YMCA and RAMMS.  He's been coaching for Madison FC since 2012, first as a rec league coach and assisting the 05 Girls club team.  In 2016 he formed and has been the head coach of the MFC 06 Boys Blue team.  When he's not coaching, he's running StartupAZ, a local non-profit he co-founded to support entrepreneurs, and CRADL, a design lab that evaluates and develops products and media for kids.  Brandon is married with three kids and lives in North Central Phoenix

Leigh Goldstein

2007 Boys Gold, 2007 Girls

Leigh Goldstein has been a coach with the Madison Futbol Club for the past 6 years in both rec and Club and currently is the Executive Director of the Madison Futbol Club. Leigh coaches the MFC 07 Boys Gold team on the club level and has both his "E" and "F" coach’s licenses. Leigh is originally from New York but now makes North Central Phoenix his home. When Leigh is not coaching soccer Leigh enjoys spending time with his wife Diane and his two boys Lucas and Oliver.

Josh Mauldin

2010 Boys Blue, 2007 Boys Blue

Josh Mauldin has been a coach with the Madison Futbol Club for the past 6 years in both rec and Club. He is the current coach of the MFC 07 Boys Blue team as well as the MFC 2010 Boys Blue team on the club level and has both his "E" and "F" coaches’ licenses. Josh grew up in California, spent some time in Texas and has been in Phoenix for the last 10 years.

Sean Warfield

2008 Boys Gold

Sean Warfield has been with the Madison Futbol Club for the past 2 seasons. He is currently the coach of the MFC 08 Boys Blue team and holds a USSF National E License. He has played soccer for 28 years at various levels and enjoys watching young players develop a true love of the sport.   

Joseph Broderick

2010 Boys Gold, 2008 Girls

Joseph Broderick has been a coach with the Madison Futbol Club for the past 3 years in both rec and Club. He is the current coach of the MFC 10 Boys gold and MFC 08 Girls teams on the club level. Joseph Broderick is a Phoenician, graduating from St. Mary’s High School and continuing his education at Arizona State University. In his free time, Joseph enjoys spending time with his wife Abigail and two kids Arianna and Jojo.

Jeff Cody

2009 Girls Gold

Jeff Cody has been a coach with the Madison Futbol Club for the past 4 years in both rec and Club. Jeff has 12 years of coaching experience in softball, baseball, basketball and soccer. He is the current coach of the 2009 Girls Gold team and the assistant coach of the 2006 Boys Blue team. Jeff has both his "E" and "F" coach’s licenses. He is a native of Central Phoenix, growing up in the same area he now calls home with his 3 children.

Martha Valente

2009 Girls Blue

Hi I’m Martha! This is my first time coaching the 09 Girls Blue team at Madison. I was born and raised in Arizona and played club soccer for 14 years. When I’m not working (or coaching) I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and skiing.

Hans Papke

2009 Boys Gold

Hans Papke has been a coach with the Madison Futbol Club for the past 6 years in both rec and Club. Currently Hans coaches the MFC 09 Boys Gold team on the club level. He is very enthusiastic about coaching youth sports as he feels it's an important part of child's growth in society. Hans also is a big believer that team sports help build character because they teach kids discipline, how to work in a group, and how to have good sportsmanship. He grew up in Colorado and was involved in every outdoor activity imaginable. Currently, Hans resides in central Phoenix where he spends most of his time outside playing with his two children. 

Patrick Fuller

2009 Boys Blue

Patrick is the assistant coach for the 2009 Boys Blue team. He is an entrepreneur, crossfit enthusiast and owner of a local video production company. Patrick was born and raised in Phoenix, and played in MFC soccer as a child.  Patrick stays grounded with his wife and two kids.

Brad Parker

2010 Girls

Brad Parker grew up in North Central Phoenix where he resides today. He recently started coaching with Madison Futbol Club. He coached the 1-2 Winter Rec Team and will coach the 2010 Girls Club Team this season.  In his spare time, Brad enjoys spending time with his wife, Tiffany and their three daughters. All three girls play for Madison Futbol Club.  He also loves watching the Arizona Cardinals.

James Ducusin

2011 Boys Gold

James Ducusin has been a soccer coach for several years, primarily in recreational soccer. Last year his focus shifted towards competitive club soccer where he helped coach the MFC 2010 Boys team. This year he has taken on the role as the coach for the MFC 2011 Boys team. James was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Southern California, but now resides in Central Phoenix where he calls home. When he is not coaching, he is typically traveling or participating in other outdoor activities with his wife and three young boys. He is very proud to be a part of the MFC family!

Chris Smith

2011 Boys Gold

Hi my name is Chris and I am a current coach for the 2011 Boys Team. I have been coaching youth soccer for the past 4 years. When I’m not coaching or working I enjoy traveling with my wife Melissa and 2 kids (Maks and Alexandria). Growing up in South Phoenix I learned at a early age that sports can be used as a great tool to learn about teamwork, being a leader, and how to handle adversity. Which are things that we teach our team everyday.